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Dirty Patches/Faded Tattoos

VIDEO NOTES: Celebrate the great works of Patriot & Judeo/Christian Bikers, Veterans, 1st-Responders & amazing volunteers who donate time to “Honor & Support” others. Driving Country Rock propels this Video, taking us to the place where “Dirty” is a sign of honor & “Faded” means time given in service to God & Country. Patches, Hats, Helmets & Tats, all tell the story of compassionate action on behalf of Veterans, 1st-Responders & others who are in need of support, prayer or resources, in our Nation and around the world.



Armed Forces Day is Every Day!

Remembering Those who have served!

Armed Forces Day is Every Day!

National Anthem - Three Verses: Experience the majesty and beauty of 3 verses of "The Star-Spangled Banner" brought to life with soaring orchestration & vocals as a background to moving images depicting the bold presence & service of our 5 Military Branches: Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force.



Controversial Video Reinstated


Video Reinstated: About "Patriots on Wheels" 1st Edition

Driving Rock & Blues Tribute to Patriot Riders: This video by Songwriter & Recording Artist Ann M. Wolf, is a tribute to some of America's finest volunteers, as they continue to "Honor, Remember, & Never Forget." Please enjoy and share with those who deserve our thanks for their love, faithfulness & work on behalf of our nation, our Constitution, it's heroes & Liberty itself. For an additional disclosure about a few of the controversial images in the first edition of this video, please read more.

Why Inspirational Music?



Discovering the mission: Folks ask me from time to time how I started with "Inspirational Music & Narrations." As many of us remember who lived through the 60s and 70s, it was quite popular to explore other cultures and break outside of the denominational box in being "seekers." One of the phases of my explorations involved yoga and meditation; and then there was “chanting,” something which I passed up at the time, but I did learn something from watching people who practiced the repeating of "positive affirmations."

Inasmuch as people could coax themselves into a more relaxed state with the repeating of certain “mantras” it also occurred to me that with music, as folks repeat popular songs over and over in their head; the melodies and words can greatly influence the mental, emotional, and spiritual state of a person so I began to realize the responsibility that artists have in what they produce and share. 

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