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Video Re-Release: About "Patriots on Wheels" Edition 1

Driving Rock & Blues... by Songwriter Ann M.Wolf: This video is a tribute to some of America's finest volunteers, as they continue to "Honor, Remember, & Never Forget." Please enjoy and share with those who deserve our thanks for their love, faithfulness & work on behalf of our nation, our Constitution, it's heroes & Liberty itself. For an additional disclosure about one controversial image in the 1st edition of this video, please read this note from Ann M. Wolf:

We were there to offer support based on "Leave no man behind.": "In the line-up of those sincere citizens whom this video honors for their efforts & diligence are American Patriots who worked hard for many years on behalf of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to secure his release. In doing so, they followed their hearts as they applied the creed of "Leave no man behind." This video does NOT speak to the disturbing manner in which the "exchange" was orchestrated, (Bowe for 5 terrorists without proper procedures via Congress) or how Bergdahl's father behaved following the release of his son.

Yet, let the record show THIS.... That we as Patriots were there for one soldier. We wore bracelets, t-shirts, and ball caps with Bergdahl's name on them. We made signs and rented billboards and put his photo and name on those. It was the right thing and the only thing to have done at the time on behalf of a missing soldier. Yes! We kept the STORY of his capture and imprisonment in public view lest he be forgotten; and we would have continued to do for as long as it would have taken to bring him home. 

But as the summer of 2014 progressed into fall and winter, our joy over Bergdahl's return became tainted with deep concern about the information which was circulating. We held our breath hoping for good news. However, after the so-called investigation progressed, our hearts fell again, especially learning about the grieving families who had lost loved ones due to the search for Bowe. We also became aware of many who were wounded in the search for this missing soldier. So, one day, I could bear this no longer; and for the sake of those who had sacrificed so much, I blocked from public view, every video of mine that had any mention of the Sgt. in it. 

To Honor those who stand for those who cannot stand: As of today, June 28th, 2015, near the anniversary of Bowe Bergdahl's original capture many years ago, I have had a change of heart. Those videos which I had removed from public view (as mentioned above), are being added back to my YouTube library; I do so because of what our Patriots did proudly and earnestly in order to secure Bowe's release which is one point of history which I will not be a part of tearing down, concealing or marginalizing, as so many are seeking to do today. If there is any "shame" associated with the Bergdahl story, it is NOT with the Patriots who were faithful, or the members of the military who lost their lives or became injured looking for the Sgt. The "shame" is with those who were dishonest or who manipulated resources, people, as well as our American system, to enact their political or hidden religious agenda. Here is more of the bottom line .... if we as Patriots, would come to learn of another American service person that needed us, we would do it all again.

The guilt or innocence of Sgt. Bergdahl or anyone associated with this case is supposedly being determined via a proper investigation & trial; this is a separate matter from "leave no man behind."  Meanwhile, America's Patriots are hard at work bringing comfort to grieving families, standing flag lines, receiving veterans as they return home from battle, raising funds for causes and passing knowledge of our Constitution and the Price of Freedom down to their offspring. Godspeed to all them & God have mercy on us all as we keep our souls fixed on Him with gratitude and reverence in our hearts for the hard-won Liberty which we cling to today." Ann M. Wolf 


Steve Isaacson April 07, 2015 @12:59 pm
Yes you did the right thing then and you are doing the right thing now. God bless.
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